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Bash – delete rows from one file while iterating through rows from another file

I have two files.

file.txt and delete.txt

file.txt contains the following for ex.:


delete.txt contains:


I need to delete the rows from file.txt that are contained within delete.txt

cat file.txt should result with:


So far I’ve tried this with no luck:

while read p; do
    sed -i '/${line}/d' file.txt;
done < delete.txt

I don’t receive any error, it just doesn’t edit my file.txt file. I’ve tested the while loop with an echo ${line} and it works as expected in that scenario.

Any suggestions?

Note: the while loop above doesn’t work as expected even when I took the forward slashes off of the files.



With a simple grep:

grep -vFxf  delete.txt file.txt > temp.txt && mv temp.txt file.txt 
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