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Tag: sed

parsing ethtool command output using sed and awk

I am working on a shell script to parse the advertised mode and supported mode from the ethtool command and match them against an expected value. The idea is both expected and supported modes should have a common value to pass the condition. Data: I have currently used the below for the same. The above code is giving the correct

insert a line with file which has sed command in linux

I am trying to insert line in a file which will have a sed command to insert a line in another file Like below for eg : want to add this line sed -i ‘1s/^/insideFilen/’ to 65th line of firstfile.txt I tried: but not able to escape the ‘ also tried but got sed: -e expression #1, char 18:

Need help in regular expression using sed

I have following code:- The code works. When the status is one of the among (done, completed or closed) then it prints “Found valid Jira”. I want the “Not In” condition of it i.e. whenever the status comes out to be any of these then it should say “Found valid Jira”. Jira details response that I get is as follows:-

Updating a yaml with a string containing special characters using sed

I have a yaml file that needs to be updated with string containing special characters. Here is the command I used but I get sed expression error Yaml file (file): Command that works without special characters for $var (env variable): Value for $var: fkugoiuhoiuyflkbbui/qy++bfv7J3c Error I get is: I am trying to figure out how I can get this working.

Find and replace words using sed command not working

I have a a text file which is tab separated, the first column holds the word to be found and the second column holds the word to replace the found word. This text file contains English and Arabic pairs. Once the word is found and replaced it should not be changed again. For example: So for a given text file:

Remove eveything before including colon and replace comma to newline

I am looking just to accommodate my query into one-liner. I have a below file content where i want to remove all before last colon(:) including itself and then replace comma(,) into newline to get the desired results. these all comma separated values are linux user ID’s File content: Already tried: working solution: result: Is there a better trick, please

How to replace newlines between brackets

I have log file similar to this format Here is the echo command to produce that output $ echo -e “test {nseq-cont {nttt0,nttt67,nttt266nttt},nttgrp-id 505nt}n}ntest{nttest1{nttvalnt}n}n” Question is how to remove all whitespace between seq-cont { and the next } that may be multiple in the file. I want the output to be like this. Preferably use sed to produce the output.

Replacing line of text cointing using sed

I’m trying to replace document.querySelector(‘.popup’).classList.add(‘active’) by document.querySelector(‘.popup’).classList.add(‘noactive’) Answer You can use See the online demo. The regex is POSIX BRE compliant and matches (document.querySelector(‘.popup’).classList.add(‘) – Group 1 (1): a literal document.querySelector(‘.popup’).classList.add(‘ text (active’)) – Group 2 (2): a literal active’) text. Note the capturing groups in a POSIX BRE regex are set with (…). The literal dots need escaping and