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Tag: linux-kernel

Test filesystem stability / filesystem crash [closed]

Closed. This question needs details or clarity. It is not currently accepting answers. Want to improve this question? Add details and clarify the problem by editing this post. Closed 3 months ago. Improve this question Newbie here!! Is there any way to crash filesystem or overload a filesystem so that it will get crash? I want to check at what

Like nvidia-smi, can nvidia-occupancy(cuda occupancy) also collect values in real time?

I already collect timestream data once every 10 seconds using nvidia-smi. nvidia-occupancy would also like to collect data in this way. Is there any way to save nvidia-occupancy timeseries data using linux terminal? Currently, the values that can be easily obtained were only the maximum values. Answer Currently, there isn’t any tool to collect occupancy information the way nvidia-smi collects

Scheduling multiple tasklets in linux

I am new to tasklets in Linux. Here I am scheduling 3 tasklets in ISR. But what I observed is that only one tasklet in executed. fill_buf is tasklet_struct and Linux version is 5.10.63. Answer You are scheduling the same tasklet three times in a row, but a tasklet can only be scheduled again if it has already run (or

Why are linux system calls different across architectures

According to this system calls table, linux system calls are different across architecture, but IMO syscalls are higher level encapsulation which do not depent on any specific architechture. Why is it designed this way? In a specific case, riscv64 linux doesn’t have mkdir, instead it has mkdirat, but weirdly it doesn’t have rmdir or rmdirat, how could it implement /bin/rmdir

The implementation of Linux kernel current macro

Generally speaking, if we want to use current macro in Linux kernel, we should: but there is a asm-generic version: the asm version implements the current macro through per-cpu variable, but asm-generic version implements the current macro through thread_info, these two are totally different. Linux kernel headers’ organization says we should use asm version, which include asm/current.h, but so many

How to include device tree overlay into Raspberry Pi CM4

I would like to include UART3 and UART5 overlay to enable them, using Yocto. They are already delivered with the whole package ( I added to my main image recipe lines: I have also added .bbappend to enable them in /boot/config.txt (file /meta-mylayer/recipes-bsp/bootfiles/rpi-config_%.bbappend): And I receive an error: I suppose that those overlays are not compiled, how can I include

How does the bitwise AND help in the if statements in the Linux Kernel?

Background on what the code is trying to achieve: “Various parameters of the new process (e.g., euid, egid, argument list, environment, filename, etc.) that are subsequently passed to other functions are, for the sake of simplicity, combined into a structure of type linux_binprm. prepare_binprm is used to supply a number of parent process values (above all, the effective UID and