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Tag: embedded-linux

Yocto boot partition vs boot rootfs directory

I need to mount my boot partition in order to perform software updates in my yocto built. I would expect to mount it in /boot but I see that there is a directory there already I cant seem to find information about what this /boot directory is and why its needed. It contains the same .itb file that is in

How to start using google tests on a Yocto(Open Embedded) System

I’m doing a project for ARM64 devices and am using Linux Embedded as the OS. I am trying to using Google Tests but when running bitbake, it is failing. Heres the error: I’ve edited the cmake in my src folder and added these components wrt Gtests: CMake for the file containing test case: Answer Already asked on This was

Yocto bitbake build error when adding fftw package

I am using Yocto Warrior release to build linux for Dart-imx8m SOM. Documentation can be found here : I want to add fftw package whose recipe is in meta-oe layer. Whenever I add this package in my local.conf file, I get an error with bitbake regarding a dnf related task. I add the package like this in my local.conf

Linker –whole-archive option

I am using C language. I am linking static libraries with –whole-archive. Linker is arm-none-eabi-ld For example, giving the following option to the linker: But still I get linking error: Why is the linking error happening? EDIT: Full command with output: Out put of: readelf -Ws kunit.a hal.a fs.a | egrep ‘ (mmu_init|exec_array|mmu_pagetable|_enter_kernel)’ is: Answer Why is the linking error

Instaling yum with dependencies on an embedded Linux [closed]

Closed. This question does not meet Stack Overflow guidelines. It is not currently accepting answers. This question does not appear to be about a specific programming problem, a software algorithm, or software tools primarily used by programmers. If you believe the question would be on-topic on another Stack Exchange site, you can leave a comment to explain where the question

YOCTO Change kernel version and select drivers

I am trying to compile a new Linux kernel obtained from (version 4.9) for T1042D4RDB-64B embedded board using Yocto. It’s currently using 4.1.35-rt41. I followed these steps: bitbake virtual/kernel -c cleansstate bitbake virtual/kernel -c patch replacing git folder with my new kernels source code ( make ARCH=powerpc menuconfig bitbake virtual/kernel Result is The new kernel has compiled successfully but