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Bitbake binary file not found

I am using bitbake to build and deploy my application to my linux build. I was recently made aware that my binary application was not being deployed to /usr/bin. I was told to update my to have the following line. install -m 0644 ${S}/MAIN_Application ${D}${bindir} Doing do causes my bitbake build to crash as it cannot find the MAIN_Application

Trying to add new layer to my build, can anyone sort out the problem?

~/rdk/build-raspberrypi-rdk-hybrid$ bitbake-layers add-layer meta-new Specified layer directory doesn’t exist its continuously showing this error, I don’t understand the reason, since it showed directory doesn’t exist i tried to create a directory of same name as the above mentioned layer, still its showing same error. Please help I am new to Custom Linux. Answer If you want to add a new

How to include device tree overlay into Raspberry Pi CM4

I would like to include UART3 and UART5 overlay to enable them, using Yocto. They are already delivered with the whole package ( I added to my main image recipe lines: I have also added .bbappend to enable them in /boot/config.txt (file /meta-mylayer/recipes-bsp/bootfiles/rpi-config_%.bbappend): And I receive an error: I suppose that those overlays are not compiled, how can I include

Yocto boot partition vs boot rootfs directory

I need to mount my boot partition in order to perform software updates in my yocto built. I would expect to mount it in /boot but I see that there is a directory there already I cant seem to find information about what this /boot directory is and why its needed. It contains the same .itb file that is in

How to start using google tests on a Yocto(Open Embedded) System

I’m doing a project for ARM64 devices and am using Linux Embedded as the OS. I am trying to using Google Tests but when running bitbake, it is failing. Heres the error: I’ve edited the cmake in my src folder and added these components wrt Gtests: CMake for the file containing test case: Answer Already asked on This was

How to show hidden sysctl tunable?

I’m on a Yocto Linux distribution and I need to set the sysctl tunable kernel.panic_on_rcu_stall to 1. The problem is when I list the elements inside /proc/sys/kernel I have no panic_on_rcu_stall and if I try to set the option anyway I get the folowing error: I know that the key exist, we can see it on the Linux Kernel documentation,

Yocto bitbake build error when adding fftw package

I am using Yocto Warrior release to build linux for Dart-imx8m SOM. Documentation can be found here : I want to add fftw package whose recipe is in meta-oe layer. Whenever I add this package in my local.conf file, I get an error with bitbake regarding a dnf related task. I add the package like this in my local.conf

updating nodejs on linux (yocto) using npm

I need to update my nodejs on a linux-Yocto OS, using npm here what I’ve tried : Does anyone know what I’m missing here ? thanks in advance ! Answer Sounds very much like this n thing relies on the node binary being located at /usr/local/bin/node, which does not hold true for a distribution level install as suggested by the

How to deploy files to /boot partition with Yocto

I’m trying to deploy some binary files to /boot in a Yocto image for RPi CM3 but it deploys them to the wrong location. The files are deployed to /boot in the / partition of the final image, but not to the /boot partition. So they are not available at boot time. I already googled and studied the kernel recipes