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Trying to add new layer to my build, can anyone sort out the problem?

~/rdk/build-raspberrypi-rdk-hybrid$ bitbake-layers add-layer meta-new Specified layer directory doesn’t exist its continuously showing this error, I don’t understand the reason, since it showed directory doesn’t exist i tried to create a directory of same name as the above mentioned layer, still its showing same error. Please help I am new to Custom Linux. Answer If you want to add a new

C++ build process – lib dependencies

I have a Visual studio solution with 5 projects Main: application A,B,C,D: static libraries Main depends on A,B. A depends on C,D. I have a fragile understanding of the build process. The libs were building alone fine, especially A; I did not feel I was linking C and D to A. And to build the Main application, I had to

Error building caffe – cannot find -lhdf5_hl

I was following this guide to install caffe. I am using ubuntu 16.04 and installing caffe for cpu only(i don’t have Nvidia gpu). But encountered the following error : Can someone please help me figure out how to get past this? Thanks Answer This solved it for me how to symlink a file in linux –

Dockerfile not found on Linux hosted agent

I’m trying to package dotnet core application into linux container. Docker build step fail with file not found (even though the same build works on the windows hosted agent with windows containers). I’ve even tried verifying files are there with command line step right in front of the docker build step… files are there, but docker build step fails to

How does this Makefile work?

This is the makefile: It produces log result: I can only understand first two lines in the log. How all this files: files get to compiling? They are contained in GOOGLEAPIS_CCS variable and it is only used in makefile in string. Can you explain step by step how this actually work? Answer The following rule makes a static library that

How to build evpp in Linux Mint

I want to use evpp library in my project but I cannot build it in my OS. My OS is Linux mint 18.1 and and I use the release build script in tools folder ( I am getting the following errors; I installed all third-part libraries like boost, glog and gtest look here. Am I missing something? Answer I asked

Application build . (Swift on Ubuntu)

I am a total newbie to programming and Ubuntu and Swift is my first language to learn. I am learning with a book but I encountered a problem when I was supposed to build an application. Here is what I had to do: Make a new directory called PMExample so that’s easy mkdir PMExample and then go to this directory

Golang Mac OSX build for Docker machine

I need to run Golang application on Docker machine. I’m working on Mac OSX and Docker is working on top of Linux virtual machine, so binaries builded on Mac are not runnable on Docker. I see two ways here: cross-compile binaries on Mac for linux OS copy project sources to docker, run ‘go get’ and ‘go build’ on it First