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Tag: ssl

can I reuse the socket when update SSL certificate?

The old SSL certificate has expired and I want to renew the SSL certificate. However, the server already has established multiple links with other clients. So, can I just bind the old sockets to the new ssl, which means I don’t need to disconnect the old base tcp links? Answer Existing TLS connections don’t need to get updated with a

Unable to push/pull docker image to a certificate authenticated private registry? (Not workin only on WSL, remote error: tls: alert(116))

I think this is a really strange and interesting issue. I have a client cert authenticated docker registry set up, width the help of apache. I have put the necessary certificate files to the appropriate folders according to this article. Docker pull/push gives this error message: Error response from daemon: Get https://***:9443/v2/: remote error: tls: alert(116) I think my certificate

Invoke-WebRequest Always Fails For HTTPS. The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure

I’m trying to use Invoke-WebRequest inside of pwsh (on Linux), but it’s always failing. Here’s an example: The site/URL doesn’t matter, if it’s using HTTPS I’ll get the error. The exact same script on a Windows machine works without issue. $PSVersionTable dotnet –version 3.1.403 openssl version OpenSSL 1.0.1e-fips 11 Feb 2013 I know it’s possible to disable SSL validation on

Docker login x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

I am running docker registry as container in Redhat Linux 7.5 with Docker 18.09.3-3 version. if configured with self-sign certificate. container started successfully. it works with curl with-out any error. but giving error for docker login command. curl command works login command how to resolve this error message? Thanks Answer My hostname set with upper case letter. Certificate was generated

Curl is not installing with ssl support in Centos (at user defined –perfix)

There is already a curl & openssl version installed in my system (Centos). I am trying to install curl with ssl support. what I’ve done: I have installed openssl from git (master) and installed it as follows ./configure –prefix=/path/to/xyz/dir make make install This creates bin,include,lib etc at the location /path/to/xyz/dir Then I have added this path in environment variables export

curl command line API change on debian 9 regarding HTTPS

Is there any command line API change in Debian 9 curl? Recently I started to use Debian 9 (9.4, from Debian 8.x) and a script involving curl stopped working. I connect to internet through a squid proxy on localhost connected to a parent proxy. My environment variables are configured like this When I use wget, it works: when I use