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Tag: installation

sudo yum install is giving weird error on AWS Linux ec2 (SyntaxError: invalid syntax)

Machine details: Cloud: AWS OS: Linux 4.14.209-160.335.amzn2.x86_64 #1 SMP Wed Dec 2 23:31:46 UTC 2020 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux Error details: Answer I tried to reproduce the issue, and it fails when you run yum with python3 instead of python2: You should use python2, not python3 for yum: It seems that in your instance default python version was changed

Curl is not installing with ssl support in Centos (at user defined –perfix)

There is already a curl & openssl version installed in my system (Centos). I am trying to install curl with ssl support. what I’ve done: I have installed openssl from git (master) and installed it as follows ./configure –prefix=/path/to/xyz/dir make make install This creates bin,include,lib etc at the location /path/to/xyz/dir Then I have added this path in environment variables export

Package fracdiff of R fails to install in Linux Mint

I am installing the package forecast. However, I get a persistent error because the package fracdiff fails with this error: Normally, when I see had non-zero exit status, it is for me a clue telling me that I should go to Synaptic and search for the library r-cran-fracdiff. However, this library is not present in my repositories, and don’t really

Installing and running pypy on linux

I have been attempting to install and run pypy3 on a linux machine but am running into troubles. I have been using pypy on a mac but installed it using homebrew so didn’t encounter any of these troubles. I downloaded the most recent build and unpacked the tar file as described by their documentation. I followed the steps exactly (except

How to install app on android with

I have downloaded an android app from Github (Link). But I am unable to install this app on android (I am using Linux). Could someone tell me which direction should I go? App folder Contains following files: build.gradle gradlew gradlew.bat settings.gradle Answer first install gradle this linke then you can build the project on Command Line ‘./gradlew assembleDebug’ This

Node.js is installed but it’s not usable

I’m using Debian 9.1.0 and I have installed Node.js by downloading the LTS version Linux Binaries (x64). From the location (where I installed Node.js), I can use it: But when I run it outside this location, like: I got the error: bash: node: command not found The solution I found on Internet: create a symlink doesn’t help me. Answer I’m

How to start compilation of Krusader?

My question is simple. It is probably something obvious what I am missing… I downloaded Krusader (file manager) source, from their webpage in .tar.gz. I unpacked it and want to compile, but there is no ./configure, no make, no make install. The install.txt file is not clear for me. There is information about required dependencies, but I don’t know how

ArangoDB Unattended Install in Vagrant Box

Trying to setup an Unattended install of ArangoDB in a Vangrant Ubuntu box. I’ve followed the Unattended install instructions here: However, this accounts for the password prompts, but not for the database upgrade and backup database files prompts. How does one go about silencing these? Answer Ok I figured this out. Basically you need to use a the following