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Can anyone help me with this crontab?

We want to download the stock price of Tesla every day, using the package “quantmod” in R. We managed to write the function that downloads the last available stock and store it in a database in SQL: indeed, if we run the function manually, we can see the table with the stock price of today. However, if we let it

sqlplus query + loop on linux

I have pratically 0 experience on unix and few on mysql and I am finding hard where to start to complete this task, I have to write a .sh file to launch once a day. I have a table on OracleDb where I have 2 columns I need: path and file_name. Once I get the results, I should loop through

Unable to open ‘/boot/vmlinuz-5.x.x.x-generic.dpkg-new’: Operation not permitted [Need solution without removing antivirus from system]

In the last couple of days, I have gone through some unmet dependencies issues while upgrading. I tried to install those packages separately but couldn’t come up with a solution. I know one solution that is to remove the antivirus from the system. But I’m not permitted for me to remove the antivirus. I want another solution without removing anti-virus

fork() giving wrong output in linux (reverse output)

I have written code in C as follows Output as shown in ubuntu 20 OS I am expecting that child process should be written first as after fork() is called child process’s printf() will be printed on screen and after that parent’s printf() will be printed but reverse is printed actually. Please help me why child process’s printf() is not

Powershell for Linux: Combining commands with pipe sign doesn’t work

Any way to concatenate commands in Powershell for Linux? This is what I’m trying to run: pwsh -Command Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer -Path . | ConvertTo-Json | Out-File -FilePath “/home/administrator/scripts/test.json” So, run the Invoke-ScriptAnalyzer, convert the results to Json and save the result to test.json. It doesn’t recognize anything after the | sign: ./ line 1: ConvertTo-Json: command not found ./ line 1: