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Tag: xargs

xargs ignoring part of command after &&

I intend to get a comma separated list of files and then pass it as argument to a command using xargs. However it seems xargs ignores the part of command after &&. So, the command is interpreted as: python3 -m coverage combine python-bridge jenkins/build.jenkinsfile,jenkins/build-x.groovy, Expected: python3 -m coverage combine python-bridge && python3 -m coverage xml –omit jenkins/build.jenkinsfile,jenkins/build-x.groovy, Any pointer will

How can capture args with xargs across multiple pipe in bash

I have this command Suppose that argument from first xargs is $1 and it gets subsituted in like helm list –short -n {$1} and $2 is the argument of second Xargs and its gets substituted like but i also want $1 to use like this in last comand is this possible ? output of first xargs second xargs Answer I

How to print a string AFTER the date in Linux Terminal?

I want to type a one-line command in Linux that will print the date followed by a string to the Terminal. For example, “… is today’s date.” This is what I tried. However, this printed ” is today’s date. Sat Feb 20…” I thought reversing the order would help, but this only printed the date. Conversely, my third attempt only

How to bulk add date before file extension on Linux

Lets say I have a.txt, b.txt and I want to add the date to see: a_MMDDYYY.txt, b_MMDDYYYY.txt I’m trying to use xargs and basename in the following way: I know that the end of my command is not correct, I’m just trying to figure out how to use it and how to inject the builtin “date” into xargs. Thanks Answer

optimize xargs argument enumeration

Can this usage of xargs argument enumaration be optimized better? The aim is to inject single argument in the middle of the actual command. I do: or I get: which is what I need but I wondered if loop and temporary variable could be avoided? Answer Try without xargs. For most situations xargs is overkill. Depending on what you really

Bash – Locate Script and Execute with Options

I did a good bit of searching and testing on my own, but I can’t seem to find the best way to achieve this goal. I would like to have a bash one liner that will find a script on the machine, execute the script and have the ability to add switches or needed information in my case to execute

“xargs -a file” to copy files to a folder

I am tring to use xargs -a to read the contents of a file that has a list of filenames in it. My directory working in looks like: File name with filenames in it: bakfiles.txt bakfiles.txt contents: So essentially I’m trying to copy file1.bak,file2.bak,file3.bak into the folder backups. But using the contents of bakfiles.txt to do so. I tried: But

Linux xargs command

A quick question. A command doesn’t require xargs, but the command requires xargs command. Can please someone explain me the concept of xargs more clearly. Thanks. Answer In short, xargs converts stdin (standard input) to arguments for the command you specify. For example seq, as you can see, prints a sequence to stdout. We pipe (|) that output to xargs