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Installing node js and npm on Vanilla os

I’m trying to install node js and npm on vanilla os. I’ve tried flatpak install method as well but it didn’t work. Any help will be much appreciated. Answer If you are planning to use nodejs on top of Visual Studio Code (installed as a Flatpak) then the version you installed from Flathub is fine but you need to change

Is there a way to understand that Linux system will not provide any TX timestamp?

I am exercising Linux timestamping functionality (TX part): It looks like there is no easy way to understand that the system will never provide me with TX timestamps at runtime. It means that I can enable TX timestamping via setsockopt without an error: even on a system which does not support TX timestamps at all. And then I can

Comments in sed command file

Can I put comments (or something functionally equivalent) into a sed command file? subs.sed Answer Yes, comments can be added to a sed file using #. From the manual page of sed: Command Synopsis … The comment extends until the next newline (or the end of a -e script fragment).

can I reuse the socket when update SSL certificate?

The old SSL certificate has expired and I want to renew the SSL certificate. However, the server already has established multiple links with other clients. So, can I just bind the old sockets to the new ssl, which means I don’t need to disconnect the old base tcp links? Answer Existing TLS connections don’t need to get updated with a

How to resolve Error: JAVA_HOME is not defined correctly

I have a wso2 identity server and I am trying to restart it on putty, however when I navigate into the bin folder by typing the command cd /usr/lib64/wso2/wso2is/5.11.0/bin and then type sh to start the server I get the following error: Error: JAVA_HOME is not defined correctly. CARBON cannot execute /usr/lib/jvm/java-1.8.0-openjdk- My error logs also say ” Halting

Are there standardised key codes for “answer” and/or “hangup” like a multimedia keyboard might have?

I’m messing about, writing some code that simulates keyboard/input device events to automate various things under linux. I’ve been using /usr/include/linux/input-event-codes.h as a bit of a reference for what key-codes are available. Within that header, it mentions that some of the content is based on a USB standard: I assume it’s referring to an old version of this HID User

xargs ignoring part of command after &&

I intend to get a comma separated list of files and then pass it as argument to a command using xargs. However it seems xargs ignores the part of command after &&. So, the command is interpreted as: python3 -m coverage combine python-bridge jenkins/build.jenkinsfile,jenkins/build-x.groovy, Expected: python3 -m coverage combine python-bridge && python3 -m coverage xml –omit jenkins/build.jenkinsfile,jenkins/build-x.groovy, Any pointer will