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Problem with a Golang webapp and system service

I am trying to create a Golang server using the gin framework on ubuntu. It works fine when it is executed in the terminal after building it with go build and equally works well locally. Systemd I got this error Answer Add a working directory to the systemd to fix the error. The systemd WorkingDirectory defines the directory relative to

Cross-Platform Installer paths

I’m writing an installer for a Python app I’m making, and needed to have paths for different file locations. These are what I have so far, and so wondered if these were correct of if I should change any of them (particularly the Linux/macOS ones) I have a path for: the actual binary for the config file the README the

Error while trying to compile an c++ sdl2 program with mingw

Basically, when I’m trying to compile my program for windows on linux, I get such an error: My main function starts like this: My compiling script looks like this: And this is my file structure: Any clues on why can’t I compile it? Answer Oh, okay I was just dumb, didn’t pass name of main.cpp to the compiler, and run

Should fsync() be called before or after write() call?

I understand the working of write() call wherein it writes the data only to kernel’s buffers which is later written to disk by kernel after sorting the data optimally. Calling fsync() on file descriptor makes sure that data is written to disk as soon as it’s posted in the kernel’s buffer. My question is, whether fsync() should be called before

how to use untar() in R linux?

I’m getting this error when I use untar() command used: untar(tarfile = “a.rar”, list = TRUE) It works when I use on my PC (Windows 10) but does not works on another PC (Linux 20.04) Thanks Answer This isn’t correct: You should specify a tape archive file such as “a.tar”, rather than a RAR-format file. The underlying utility on Windows

“PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library ‘/usr/lib/php/20160303/'” after downgraded PHP from 8.1 to 7.1

We have a requirement that needs to downgrade PHP from 8.1 to 7.1 in our Ubuntu 18 server. After the downgrade, we’re seeing PHP Startup error everytime we check php -v Below is the exact error text: The missing libraries are really not found in the said directory as I checked. We have tried reinstalling as suggested from other forum