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Are there standardised key codes for “answer” and/or “hangup” like a multimedia keyboard might have?

I’m messing about, writing some code that simulates keyboard/input device events to automate various things under linux. I’ve been using /usr/include/linux/input-event-codes.h as a bit of a reference for what key-codes are available. Within that header, it mentions that some of the content is based on a USB standard: I assume it’s referring to an old version of this HID User

slcand error : Inappropriate ioctl for device

I want to use can interface with slcand, but I have a problem. To link can device(canable) with slcand, I make symbolic link with udev-rule SUBSYSTEM==”usb”, ENV{DEVTYPE}==”usb_device”, ATTR{product}==”canable gs_usb”, ATTR{serial}==”002900355934570820373433″, SYMLINK+=”cantest2″ It successfully made symbolic link “/dev/cantest2”. However, when I use command “sudo slcand -o -c -s8 -F /dev/cantest2 can8”, I got a error message enter image description here I

Immutable names in /dev/disk

There are four entries in /dev/disk which I am interested in. by-id by-label by-path by-uuid Which of the entries contain immutable names for physical drives? By immutable, I mean that the name shouldn’t change if I change the usb/pci port used to connect to the drive. destroy and create partitions (GPT). move from one computer to another (external hard-drive). For

Blocking USB HID in Linux

I’m programming a kioks device and i want to block all usb devices expect 2 kind of usb.One is my touch screen hid usb and the other one is usb storage devices.Actually i tried write rules under udev.I tried this code : But this one is blocking all usb devices.So i tried to add another rule to unblock specific device

Yocto Project usb sensor access

I’ve never worked with the Yocto Project, and barely knows what it is. But I’m investigating the possibility to use a Simatic 2040 as a gateway between an USB hall sensor and industrial PLC network. The sensor that we want to use is this one. It’s designed to use with an Windows desktop PC, connected via USB. Now my main

Controlling Jabra 710 USB speaker volume from linux host

I am using Linux (2.6.39 kernel) and trying to find a way that would allow me to send volume increment/decrement commands from my host Linux OS to the Jabra device. I saw this functionality is possible both in Windows and Ubuntu, where controlling of the volume from the PC alters the Jabra volume. I am able to accept Consumer HID