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Are there standardised key codes for “answer” and/or “hangup” like a multimedia keyboard might have?

I’m messing about, writing some code that simulates keyboard/input device events to automate various things under linux. I’ve been using /usr/include/linux/input-event-codes.h as a bit of a reference for what key-codes are available. Within that header, it mentions that some of the content is based on a USB standard: I assume it’s referring to an old version of this HID User

XFCE – keyboard configuration migration

where are the Xfce store keyboard configurations for a migration? I want to prepare the “startup” script to prepare newly installed Linux to match my preference and persistently set up a Czech keyboard for the user who runs it. I try lots of Google and documentation but sadly I can’t find a solution. Thanks. Answer OK. All configurations for xfce4

How to debug USB HID scancode-keycode translation in Linux

I have recently converted a 122-key terminal keyboard to USB as a configfs USB gadget (the keyboard portion is using HID codes), it works quite well in except that I cannot seem to get my Archlinux installation to recognize certain HID codes (specifically at the moment F13-F24) and translate them into event codes that I can use in X. HID

Emacs, Linux and international keyboard layouts

Is there an easy way to use Emacs key-bindings when you are using a not-English (Russian) keyboard layout? Whenever an international layout is on, all keystrokes are interpreted literally, M-ф instead of M-a. As a result I can’t use commands. It would also be nice if Linux could interpret non-prefixed and shift-prefixed keys according according to an international layout, while

How to detect if USB keyboard is plugged and unplugged

Is there any daemon/tool which will trigger some signal/event when USB keyboard is plugged and unplugged from pc? I need to know in my program when USB keyboard is plugged and unplugged. Any ideas on how to do this? Answer udev (Linux device manager) is the one that polls hardware. When it detects some changes about devices, it executes the