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Tag: emacs

clangd on linux cannot find default headers

I’ve installed the newest LLVM toolchain from the official PPA, including clang, clang-tools-extra, lldb, lld, libc++ and libc++abi. I’m trying to use clangd with emacs + lsp. All works fine except clangd cannot find default headers like memory, vector and so on. My code is fine, it is normally compiled using clang. My compile_commands.json also okay. How to make clangd

Emacs, Linux and international keyboard layouts

Is there an easy way to use Emacs key-bindings when you are using a not-English (Russian) keyboard layout? Whenever an international layout is on, all keystrokes are interpreted literally, M-ф instead of M-a. As a result I can’t use commands. It would also be nice if Linux could interpret non-prefixed and shift-prefixed keys according according to an international layout, while