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Tag: macos

Cross-Platform Installer paths

I’m writing an installer for a Python app I’m making, and needed to have paths for different file locations. These are what I have so far, and so wondered if these were correct of if I should change any of them (particularly the Linux/macOS ones) I have a path for: the actual binary for the config file the README the

How can I combine the commands leave and say?

Is there a way to make use of the command leave and the command say (MacOS) to be notified by the built in voice system? I can do echo hello | say on the command line. leave outputs Time to leave! how can this output be piped to say once it appears? When I issue this command it’s just hanging.

npm ERR! code EACCES´╝î npm install –global yarn met error

Mac mini (M1, 2020) Monterey Brownie v1.17.2 nodejs v16.13.4 I am learning solidity according to reference( Node.JS install is fine when I tried this the terminal give the error information I checked the owner of the file ,the owner is root ,should i use sudo? find this thread (Error: EACCES: permission denied, access ‘/usr/local/lib/node_modules’),changed the owner , stll one file

Prompt Expansion ZSH Remove Hostname if entire PROMPT is too long

Currently, my zshrc looks like this influenced by this question and my other question what is currently working as expected it truncates the hostname and the username to constant values it dynamically truncates the entire PROMPT based on widthHelper() which allows me to resize my terminal and dynamically truncate the PROMPT Currently, I have this line working but not in

How to adapt to Linux terminal back color in .NET 5/6?

We have a .NET 5 console application that runs on Windows/Linux/Mac. Our console application relies on the classic fore color scheme to highlight info/warning/error in console with fore colors gray/yellow/red. However we cannot gather the terminal back color as explained in Console.BackgroundColor documentation: Unix systems don’t provide any general mechanism to fetch the current console colors. Because of that, BackgroundColor

How to check password on macOS?

The following C program can check the password of a user on Linux. But it does not work on macOS because some functions are Linux specific. Could anybody show me how to revise the program so that it works on macOS? Answer Both Linux and macOS use PAM for authentication; Linux uses Linux-PAM, and MacOS and BSDs OpenPAM. To authenticate