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Tag: .net-5

System.Drawing High memory usage on Linux

Is there any way to diagnose Unmanaged memory leak ? I am using .NET 5.0 Console App with NETCode (barcode) library. The program it self is simple it calls barcode library & creates a base64string from Image 5000 times, I am using ‘using blocks’ therefore disposing is also being handled. On windows this program consumes 15-25 MB (doesn’t go above

How to adapt to Linux terminal back color in .NET 5/6?

We have a .NET 5 console application that runs on Windows/Linux/Mac. Our console application relies on the classic fore color scheme to highlight info/warning/error in console with fore colors gray/yellow/red. However we cannot gather the terminal back color as explained in Console.BackgroundColor documentation: Unix systems don’t provide any general mechanism to fetch the current console colors. Because of that, BackgroundColor