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Tag: windows

Cross-Platform Installer paths

I’m writing an installer for a Python app I’m making, and needed to have paths for different file locations. These are what I have so far, and so wondered if these were correct of if I should change any of them (particularly the Linux/macOS ones) I have a path for: the actual binary for the config file the README the

Simulate Right CTRL key using xdotool inside Virtual box

I’m running Virtualbox in my Windows 10. I have a virtual machine running Raspbian. Inside Raspbian virtual machine, i’m using xdotool. From Raspbian, using xdotool, can i simulate to press Right Ctrl that it is my host key in VirtualBox so i can change the size of my VirtualBox-window?. I mean from Raspbian that it is a virtual machine from

Windows User Impersonation in .NET Core on Linux?

I’m writing a .NET Core application in C# that will run on a Linux server, but I need to impersonate a Windows user in order to access some remote resources on a Windows Server. I have credentials to authenticate there, but all the implementations I see rely on the “Advanced Windows 32 Base API” (advapi32.dll), which is a shared Windows

Error: “linker ‘cc’ not found” when cross compiling a rust project from windows to linux using cargo

I have a basic rust/cargo project with a single main file and some basic dependencies. The cargo build command works fine when the target is not specified (I am using windows so it builds to windows), but when I try to cross compile the program to linux using cargo build –target=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu or cargo build –target=x86_64-unknown-linux-musl, the process fails with the