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Tag: windows-subsystem-for-linux

Unable to push/pull docker image to a certificate authenticated private registry? (Not workin only on WSL, remote error: tls: alert(116))

I think this is a really strange and interesting issue. I have a client cert authenticated docker registry set up, width the help of apache. I have put the necessary certificate files to the appropriate folders according to this article. Docker pull/push gives this error message: Error response from daemon: Get https://***:9443/v2/: remote error: tls: alert(116) I think my certificate

Holographic remoting remote app using OpenXR on Linux

The documentation at this MRTK page implies that an OpenXR remote app is possible. However, the rest of the article only discusses the Microsoft.Holographic.Remoting.OpenXr Nuget package and later, in this section, specifics of a DX11/12 based implementation. My question is: Is it possible to develop a Holographic remoting remote app on Linux using a different OpenXR runtime or any other