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Tag: makefile

If not exists, create a folder – Error in makefile

I searched over the internet for a command to create a folder if it doesn’t exist. I found it and put in my makefile When the folder doesn’t exist it’s created correctly. But I get an error if the folder already exists. I don’t get why the command would give an error if the condition [ ! -d “myfolder” ]

C++ including Python.h compiling using makefile

I am trying to compile a C++ program which uses Python.h to execute some python scripts. Before adding the python, I had a makefile which works perfectly. I added the code to run the python script, which involves including the Python.h file. I edited the makefile to include this file, without success. My makefile: I already installed following libraries: sudo

Traversing a directory using Makefile

I am making use of a makefile to traverse a directory , store the file names in a variable , extract the file number using regex and print the file number . Below is the code block I am using : LINE 7 is the command in makefile I want to include in the for loop. I want the actual

make: how to append text to beginning and end of list?

In the makefile I’m writing, I am using the shell command find to build a list of source files to compile. In particular, I’m using the line: Now this works just fine. However, I would like to add support for excluding files that have a pattern that appears in a list called EXCLUDE. I’d like to use the prune option