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Tag: networking

Is there a way to understand that Linux system will not provide any TX timestamp?

I am exercising Linux timestamping functionality (TX part): It looks like there is no easy way to understand that the system will never provide me with TX timestamps at runtime. It means that I can enable TX timestamping via setsockopt without an error: even on a system which does not support TX timestamps at all. And then I can

linux + formula to convert IPV6 address to IP address

Formula to convert IPv6 Address to IP address number I’m looking for a formula to convert IPV6 address to IP address . for example – lets say we have the ipv6 as the following Input IPV6 address : 2001:0db8:0000:0000:0000:ff00:0042:8329 Output IP Number converted : Answer to IP address As already written in the comments, the word “IP address” may

How to get all ip ranges from asn?

I want to get all IP address ranges/blocks from as number. I can search throw google but need to write them manually. I want to get them all at once? Is this possible to get only ip address ranges from websites at once? Answer You can use whois servers instead of or any other websites like this. whois -h

How to check if the IP address that a socket is bound to is still one of the valid machine’s addresses?

Once I call socket(); bind() (with a specific IP address, not INADDR_ANY); listen(), there seems to be no way of determining if the IP address is still a valid address of one of the system’s interfaces. What I looked into using: Checking error with getsockopt(SO_ERROR); Using epoll()-ing on some EPOLLERR, EPOLL{,RD}HUP events; Hoping that accept() would return an error if

AWK to print subnet

My requirement is to print a subnet value to I tried as below but i got output like this How to get output using awk as below Answer Good attempt and you were close, try following. With OP’s approach we need to put [ and ] as field separator too, so that we could catch the exact needed