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Tag: bash

create multiple file with content in linux with user input

I’m new in bash scripting and I’m trying to create a bash script which can create multiple file with content (around 10000 lines [no matters what text]) but with user input. I made a script which create files (see below) but how can I fill each file with 10000 lines? Thank you in advance! Answer Replace your touch command with

Writing multiple lines to columns instead

I have an error report that contains lots of phone numbers, I need to see if any of this data exists in our database. Data required – Telephone number – Routing Code – Customer ID I’m using APIs that gather data from various sources. The first request is to use the telephone number we already know to grab the same

Convert nth column of CSV from EPOCH to human readable in bash

I’ve tried to create a single line command to convert a particular column in a CSV from EPOCH to human readable. The file contains various columns, depending on the particular file. E.g. in this file EPOCH is in column 3 of 3, in another file it is in column 5 of 9. The basic conversion works when done manually, so

How can capture args with xargs across multiple pipe in bash

I have this command Suppose that argument from first xargs is $1 and it gets subsituted in like helm list –short -n {$1} and $2 is the argument of second Xargs and its gets substituted like but i also want $1 to use like this in last comand is this possible ? output of first xargs second xargs Answer I

Execute a command on all the files within a directory

I am trying to write a bash script that could automate a programme on all the files present in a directory. The files that are in my directory are in the .nii or .nii.gz format. The command that I have to write is InputFile is the name of the file that has to be processed by the programme, and OutputFile