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Tag: unix

How to use SIGALARM in rust?

I have a problem using alarm from nix library in rust. I am trying to communicate two child process with alarms, the exercise consist in send a signal to child process to other every two seconds, and retun it with pipe. When I run the code it still waiting and I can’t see the message. This is my code: Thanks!!!

dont understand Linux command

I’m working on existing php project and I’m totally beginner with that . I ‘m trying to understand this line of code . I’ve searched alot and I know that exec is used to run unix command . But I don’t understand the first part /usr/local/sbin/clog ‘/var/log/filter.log’ I also dont understand | meaning here also I don’t understand this part

How echo grave accent symbol in bash

(_ is input, i think) Answer Escape the grave accent. It’s special to the shell and is one way (the archaic one) to do command substitution. As noted by @dave_thompson_085 an alternative is to use single quotes in lieu of the double quotes you used, or to specify the hexadecimal representation of the grace accent, by doing echo “x60”. You

sqlplus query + loop on linux

I have pratically 0 experience on unix and few on mysql and I am finding hard where to start to complete this task, I have to write a .sh file to launch once a day. I have a table on OracleDb where I have 2 columns I need: path and file_name. Once I get the results, I should loop through

can i delete nohup.out, Because it stopped writing?

I executed a python code in the AWS Lightsail linux server in the background It contains 5M Records insertions and I added logs after every insertion. I don’t see log output after 852. I Can see my process is still running the background If I delete the nohup.out file will it recreate the file with new Logs? How can I