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can i delete nohup.out, Because it stopped writing?

I executed a python code in the AWS Lightsail linux server in the background It contains 5M Records insertions and I added logs after every insertion. I don’t see log output after 852. I Can see my process is still running the background If I delete the nohup.out file will it recreate the file with new Logs? How can I

nohup “does not work” MPIrun

I am trying to use the “nohup” command to avoid killing a background process when exiting the terminal on linux MATE. The process I want to run is a MPIrun process and I use the following command: when I leave the terminal, the processes running on the different cores are killed. Also another thing I remarked in the log file,

using nohup -> output to file and console

iam using nohup in my project. Is there a possibility get the Output of the program to the console and to the file at the same time while using nohup? With “tee”i had no sucess: thanks for help Answer Try this to run and log the output in file. If you want to run it in background: