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Tag: python

Cross-Platform Installer paths

I’m writing an installer for a Python app I’m making, and needed to have paths for different file locations. These are what I have so far, and so wondered if these were correct of if I should change any of them (particularly the Linux/macOS ones) I have a path for: the actual binary for the config file the README the

How to install a new Jupyter Kernel from script

I am trying to install a new kernel on a jupyter environment from bash script. In a dockerfile that uses jupyter/minimal-notebook as the parent image, I run a bash script that: generates a new virtual env: python -m venv new_kernel installs numpy and ipykernel new_kernel/bin/pip install ipykernel numpy registers the kernel: new_kernel/bin/python -m ipykernel install –name new_kernel –display-name “Python (new_kernel)”.

compile official doc “Embedding Python in Another Application” example failed

I am trying to compile and run the example from , but failed. My environment is Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS, with system shipped python3.8(statically built), libpython3-dev and libpython3.8-dev packages installed. What I’ve tried: main.c : From, get gcc flags. (I don’t know why python3-config output has some duplicated values, that’s not a typing mistake) gcc {copy cflags output} -o

python script error message ‘unknown column’ – Redhat

My Python script produces unknown column error on redhat 8.5 python 3.6.8. But works without issue on Ubuntu 20.04 with python 3.8.10 Would this be a python or redhat issue? Is it possible to gather more detailed logs? Link to full script Redhat error message Ubuntu output Answer Had to clone this repo Then follow this how-to found