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Tag: kubernetes

Error CrushLoopBackOff to start k8s Dashboard

I try to install dashboard to clear private k8s cluster (without internet connection). I did according to this instruction When start apply recomended.yaml: metrics scrapper start successfully, but dashboard show error CrashLoopBackOff permanently. Docker Version: 19.03.6 K8s version: 1.23.4 Containers status: Containers log: Worker-node logs from /var/log/syslog: Answer By default, the dashboard container is installed on the worker node.

Where can I get node exporter metrics description?

I’m new to monitoring the k8s cluster with prometheus, node exporter and so on. I want to know that what the metrics exactly mean for though the name of metrics are self descriptive. I already checked the github of node exporter, but I got not useful information. Where can I get the descriptions of node exporter metrics? Thanks Answer There

Redirect logs of pods in my k8s to a file with pod name

I was trying to redirect logs of pods in a k8s into a file of their name. kubectl get pods | awk ‘{print $1}’ | tail -2 | xargs -I {} kubectl logs {} > {} This is the result. demo@demo1:~/log$ ls {} What I need is, if this is the pod details demo@demo1:~/log$ kubectl get pods NAME READY STATUS

Options for getting logs in kubernetes pods

Have few developer logs in kubernetes pods, what is the best method to get the logs for the developers to see it. Any specific tools that we can use? I have the option of graylog, but not sure if that can be customized to get the developer logs into it. Answer The most basic method would be to simply use

“The ClusterRoleBinding “kubernetes-dashboard” is invalid: roleRef: Invalid value” when deploying Web UI

I’m trying to deploy Kubernetes Web UI as described here: My system configuration is as follows: After starting the minukube cluster minikube start I created a Service Account and ClusterRoleBinding as described here: Now I execute: or and get the following output: What happened and how to fix it? Answer issue is you missed this note : NOTE:

What are the exact system requirements for Knative set up? Why the basic setup guide lead me to exhaustion of resource?

I have been trying to set up Knative development environment on my system. But everytime i deploy Istio , the pilot remain in pending state and i find its because of resource exhaustion. I followed basic setup guide from Knative docs. i.e. serving/blob/master/ Now if i install and deploy istio according to it, the resources get exhausted and istio-pilot remain