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Tag: sh

aws cli describe cluster error using ‘for loop’

I’m having trouble trying to run a for loop with the aws cli command aws eks describe-cluster. I receive the below error on execution. My scripting is not the best. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. If I simply run aws eks list-clusters | grep dev-shark it outputs the below: It seems to be the comma (,) that is

Split/Slice large JSON using jq

Would like to SLICE a huge json file ~20GB into smaller chunk of data based on array size (10000/50000 etc).. Input: Currently running in a loop to get the desire output by incrementing x/y value, but performance is very slow and takes very 8-20 seconds for a iteration depends on size of the file to complete the split process. Currently

Getting bad substitution error in shell script

I have a variable COUNTRY=”INDIA” and another sets of variables:- INDIA_POPULATION=”5,00,00,000″, CHINA_POPULATION=”6,00,00,000″. In script I am trying to call them using command:- echo ${ ${COUNTRY}_POPULATION } But I am getting bad substitution error. Can someone please tell how to solve it ?? Answer You misplaced a bracket: {$COUNTRY}_POPULATION should be ${COUNTRY}_POPULATION. But even then it would not work as you

Linux Shell Script – Mounting and Backing Up Files

I’m writing my first shell script. I want to check if a filesystem is mounted. If so, then backup the documents from my main drive to the backup that is mounted. If not, mount the filesystem, then backup the documents. I executed the script, yet all I got was a lot of text. It didn’t perform as I wanted. Did

pass the date from outside as a parameter

This is my Linux script, I want to ask the user from outside what date is needed, then save that date and run the script for that date. now currently this script generate a csv for the current date files, I want to run this for a user request date, can I pass parameters from outside? any help could be