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Tag: dockerfile

How to connect paths in Docker file

I am running a Jenkins job, inside a docker container, this job requires doxygen but im getting an error saying – I have doxygen installed in my Docker image, but the path is – Inside my docker image, I want to connect this old path – /opt/fc4-usr-local/bin/doxygen with new path usr/bin/doxygen So whenever my job looks for doxygen it goes

Dockerfile build image error: Distribution contains no modules or packages for namespace package

I’m trying to build a docker image of a python project. My project has one dependency package, “my_package” which needs to be install first. It’s a namespace package. I’m having this error when building docker image of this python project. I can pretty much install everything with RUN pip install XYZ inside Dockerfile but I’m not sure what’s the proper

docker-entrypoint exec nginx not found

I’m not sure what I’m doing is correct so fix me if I’m mistaken. This is my dockerfile: I’m trying to add rtmp module to my nginx. I’m trying to run the image with the command below: This is what I received: What is that / 38: exec: nginx: not found? How do I fix it? Answer There is already

docker run failed at “python3: can’t open file”

My code is in directory /test-scripts, details structure is as follows. Run the following command in directory /test-scripts. /test-scripts(master)> And my Dockerfile content is as follows. Use $user, $pwd above to replace the real value in this question. In my opinion, the file will be copy from current directory /test-scripts to /testdocker, but actually it is not. Please help

How to pass backtick to Dockerfile CMD?

I have a docker image running java application, its main class is dynamic, in a file called start-class. Traditionally, I started the application like this. Now I want to run these applications in docker containers. This is my Dockerfile. I built the image and run the containers. The command actually executed was this. Single quotes was automatically wrapped outside the

Add Carbone to Docker image

I have installed Carbone on my local Linux machine using the following command and it is working properly. Now, I need to add carbone in my docker image, but I don’t know how to add it to the image. Should I add the npm install command to DockerFile or add it to package.json? I got the following error if I