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How to connect paths in Docker file

I am running a Jenkins job, inside a docker container, this job requires doxygen but im getting an error saying – I have doxygen installed in my Docker image, but the path is – Inside my docker image, I want to connect this old path – /opt/fc4-usr-local/bin/doxygen with new path usr/bin/doxygen So whenever my job looks for doxygen it goes

How to encrypt a files in Jenkins

I am trying to run Node.js app from jenkins which takes a backup of our API management platform. When we get a backup on jenkins server, we have below directories – Backup There are directories in secrets like abc, pqr, xyz which store some .txt files in it which has confidential data. I want to encrypt all files present in

Need to Mask the sensitive information in jenkins

I have a scenario where when we run Jenkins build we download the sensitive data from the s3 bucket and the information we download is being set as environment variables. But downloaded information is being spat out and I need to mask the whole stage! is there any way to mask the whole stage? I tried looking into mask passwords

Can’t Install Jenkins even though I have JAVA 8

Ubuntut 14.04 LTS According to this I need JAVA 8 and so I downloaded both the JDK and JRE. Unfortunately when attempting to install jenkins again I still get the error message Checking my $PATH and it shows the following The java that should be used is 8. Even running Gives me what I expect Why do I get the

How create build .net with MSBuild in Jenkins on Server Linux

I tried to configure jenkins that is mounted on a server with linux, is it possible to install msbuild.exe to compile a .NET application? or is it necessary for Jenkins to be on a windows server? Answer It depends on what purpose. If it is to study, I recommend installing Jenkins on a Windows Server, then installing the .Net Framework

access jmeter.log file when lunching test from jenkins jmeter.log (Permission denied) error

when using jmeter from linux command line it works perfectly. with this command, inside jmeter/bin folder: it creats testres.jtl file. but i have problem when trying to lunch this command from jenkins: i have created new project and added: add build step–> Execute Shell inside shell is: but when lunching inside console output is errors: this is my part from

.Net Core ignoring Environment Variable DOTNET_SKIP_FIRST_TIME_EXPERIENCE

It seems apparent that you can save some time doing .NET Core builds by setting Environment variable DOTNET_SKIP_FIRST_TIME_EXPERIENCE=true. I am finding this is not the case on CentOS 7 and Debian Jessie Linux distros. I have a Jenkins slave Docker image, used by Jenkins to build .NET Core services, my image tag is jenkins.slave.dotnet.image. The Jenkins Docker Plugin, uses jenkins.slave.dotnet.image