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Tag: .net-core

Execute cat command to overwrite file

I am trying to execute the cat command from my C# code, but I am running into problems. So, this is just a very simple test, but I end up with the error: Error: cat: ‘>’: No such file or directory Now… both source and target files actually exist.. and same result if target file does not exist. If I

CentOS .NET Core 6.0 installs wrong runtime version

These are 2 commands I ran trying to install .net core 6.0 on CentOS 8 Stream: Install says it installed 6.0.0-0.6 but the actual version is 6.0.0-rc.2.21470.23 and my app is failing with error: Can it be fixed without manual .net install ? SOLUTION (worked) add repo to the OS: sudo rpm -Uvh change it priority to preceed the

.NET Core Console app on Linux env var NETCORE_ENVIRONMENT – necessary?

Does environment variable NETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Production mean anything when running a console app ? In core there is ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT=Production – which (as far as I know) changes the app to use appsettings.Production.json. Does NETCORE_ENVIRONMENT exists at all and whats the effect of using it? (I found it in my scripts when I installed 5.0 app almost a year ago, now I

Trying to get Emgu.CV running in dotnet core 3.1 on debian

So I am trying to get Emgu.CV running on debian, without any success yet. I have the same error all the time, even when I fixed all the dependcies I already upgraded to debian bullseye because of problems with GLIBC package. And I use the following commands to install dependencies: Output of ldd command: Is there somebody who has any

Segmentation fault (core dumped) when calling LdapConnection.SendRequest(SearchRequest req) at System.DirectoryServices.Protocols on Ubuntu 18.04.4LTS

When I try to get user information from Active Directory, LdapConnection.SendRequest(SearchRequest req) causes : Segmentation fault (core dumped) on an Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-147-generic x86_64). If I remove the line searchRequest.TimeLimit = new TimeSpan(0, 1, 0); LdapPal.SearchDirectory method returns LdapError.TimeOut (-7). and throws : Below code works without any problem on a Windows. Verifying username and password by LdapConnection.Bind(new

Windows User Impersonation in .NET Core on Linux?

I’m writing a .NET Core application in C# that will run on a Linux server, but I need to impersonate a Windows user in order to access some remote resources on a Windows Server. I have credentials to authenticate there, but all the implementations I see rely on the “Advanced Windows 32 Base API” (advapi32.dll), which is a shared Windows

Make DateTime.Now Display European Format Globally on Linux

I’m running a .NET Core app which contains DateTime.Now.ToString(). When on my PC it displays European date format (dd/mm/yy) but when running on a Linux VM located in the US it displays American date format (mm/dd/yy) despite the timezone on the VM being GMT. How can I make it display only European date format? I know I can format it