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Tag: docker-compose

How to connect paths in Docker file

I am running a Jenkins job, inside a docker container, this job requires doxygen but im getting an error saying – I have doxygen installed in my Docker image, but the path is – Inside my docker image, I want to connect this old path – /opt/fc4-usr-local/bin/doxygen with new path usr/bin/doxygen So whenever my job looks for doxygen it goes

Couldn’t connect to Docker daemon

I am new in Docker and CICD I am using a vps with Ubuntu 18.04. The docker of the project runs locally and works fine. I don’t quite understand why the server is trying to find the docker on http, not on tcp. override.conf docker service status daemon.json gitlab-ci.yml Error Answer Set the DOCKER_HOST variable. When using the docker:dind service,

Docker overlay2 resource is busy

I need some help with docker! 😀 When I have to deploy my application, sometimes I have this error OR This is my docker info output: Everytime that the resource is busy error appears, I move the HASH’s directory in /var/lib/docker/(containers OR overlay2) to HASH_old directory and retry to deploy the application, used to work, but now the no such

Start docker containers on linux system startup from user directory

I’ve downloaded two docker containers and already configure them. So, now all I want is to start them on system startup. They are in a path like /home/user/docker-mailserver /home/user/docker-webserver Hosted on a Ubuntu 18.04.01 (x64) On boot those docker containers are not running. On login, those docker containers are starting. I already tried to do something like docker run -it

Geting the private ip for the docker network from within the container to configure xdebug remote_host

So using docker and docker-compose I like to provide tools built into the containers so that other people in the development team don’t have to struggle with setting up bits and bobs. In this specific case I’m having issues configuring xdebug. It works absolutely fine using connect back when debugging from a browser. But trying to get xdebug working through

docker compose: Error while loading shared libraries: failed to map segment from shared object: Operation not permitted

After installing docker and docker-compose on: When executing: It returns: Error while loading shared libraries: failed to map segment from shared object: Operation not permitted It should return: Installation from docker-compose is this Answer Got it solved by re-mounting the /tmp to give the volume permission to execute (it was accessible with read-only). So this solved: