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python script error message ‘unknown column’ – Redhat

My Python script produces unknown column error on redhat 8.5 python 3.6.8. But works without issue on Ubuntu 20.04 with python 3.8.10 Would this be a python or redhat issue? Is it possible to gather more detailed logs? Link to full script Redhat error message Ubuntu output Answer Had to clone this repo Then follow this how-to found

Renaming files in a directory based on an instructions file

I have a directory that regroups a .sql file and multiple data files. The .sql file contains an unload instructions for every .unl file the issue I have is that the names of the .unl files are not the same as the instructions on .sql. Usually the name should be TABLE_TABID.unl Im looking for a way to retreive the names

CLPPLUS login failing

I am trying to login to remote DB2 using clpplus but can’t login as password contains @. clpplus -nw user/p@sswd@145.xx.xx.212:60000/Dbname but it fails saying: Is there any work around of it? Answer With the bash shell, enclose the password with ‘ and additionally escape the @ with @ (and the same for any special character inside the password, i.e. escape

Unable to load library ( on jboss server on redhat linux

I am getting the unsatisfied link error when I try to run the web-app. I have created the function which loads the native library stored at “/home/libraryFiles”, using JNA. I have stored all of my files at “/home/libraryFiles”. I have exporting my war file from eclipse in windows and deploying it on the jboss server on redhat linux. This

How to zip multiple folders separately in linux

Below mentioned folders contain some data. I need to zip all the folders separately. With this Command, I can zip only one folder How can I zip all the folders separately at once? Answer First, make sure that you are in the directory where the above mentioned folders are. Then run: find . -type d -maxdepth 1 -execdir zip ‘{}.zip’

Docker login x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

I am running docker registry as container in Redhat Linux 7.5 with Docker 18.09.3-3 version. if configured with self-sign certificate. container started successfully. it works with curl with-out any error. but giving error for docker login command. curl command works login command how to resolve this error message? Thanks Answer My hostname set with upper case letter. Certificate was generated

docker compose: Error while loading shared libraries: failed to map segment from shared object: Operation not permitted

After installing docker and docker-compose on: When executing: It returns: Error while loading shared libraries: failed to map segment from shared object: Operation not permitted It should return: Installation from docker-compose is this Answer Got it solved by re-mounting the /tmp to give the volume permission to execute (it was accessible with read-only). So this solved:

How to install R and RMySQL in RedHat Linux 8?

How do I install R and RMYSQL on RedHat Linux 8? Cannot get the epel working. Trying to install R gives dependency errors. Answer Followed the instructions here: (Assuming that you have already installed the MySQL) Untar the downloaded R : Now install the following using yum: Now configure: Make install : Now to launch R from anywhere: That