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Unzip part of file

Is there a way to unzip part of a .gz file without having to unzip it all? I have a large (~139Gb) zipped .csv.gz file. I have been told that the .csv file has ~540M rows of data. I only need to access a sample of the data in the .csv file and I would be happy for it to

How to zip multiple folders separately in linux

Below mentioned folders contain some data. I need to zip all the folders separately. With this Command, I can zip only one folder How can I zip all the folders separately at once? Answer First, make sure that you are in the directory where the above mentioned folders are. Then run: find . -type d -maxdepth 1 -execdir zip ‘{}.zip’

For zless to read empty gz file

I have tried to use zless to read (.gz) files. However, when (.gz) file is empty, it shows a message How to force zless to read an empty gz file without typing Y for many times. or Is that possible to return something like Answer zless is just a wrapper around less. You need to look at man less: -f

can’t extract tar.gz file

I used : in /home/sebastien/save i have: i’m trying to extract this file with : but Nothing is happening /home/sebastien/tmp is empty! Answer Try removing that other command which blocks the process.

How to gzip all files in all sub-directories in bash

I want to iterate among sub directories of my current location and gzip each file seperately. For zipping files in a directory, I use but this can just work on current directory and not the sub directories of the current directory. How can I rewrite the above statements so that It also zips the files in all subdirectories? Answer No