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Tag: python-3.x

python script error message ‘unknown column’ – Redhat

My Python script produces unknown column error on redhat 8.5 python 3.6.8. But works without issue on Ubuntu 20.04 with python 3.8.10 Would this be a python or redhat issue? Is it possible to gather more detailed logs? Link to full script Redhat error message Ubuntu output Answer Had to clone this repo Then follow this how-to found

SWIG: Access Array of Structs in Python

Say I have the following static constexpr array of c struct: How can I access elements in ns1::ns2::PERSONS in python by using swig? One way I can think of is to create a accessor like const Person& get(uint32_t index) in the swig interface file. Tho, I wonder whether there is a more elegant way that I don’t have to create

Excessive disk writes when using numpy.memmap

I have implemented a file-backed HashTable using numpy.memmap. It appears to be functioning correctly, however, I notice that on Linux both KSysGuard and SMART are reporting ridiculous IO Write amounts. About 50x the amount of data that should be written. I have not tested this on other operating systems. This is the code that creates the internal memory map And

why python show file not found error during run time?

I am write a code for collage maker using python and place 2 picture in same folder in which code file exist but when I run a code this error shown: FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘background.jpg’ and my line of code is: My Question is how I handle this error? Answer You would be getting this