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Bluetooth Serial Port on Raspberry Pi & something weird happened when using IDE and terminator to run python files

I am doing a project using the Bluetooth serial port. It is about the message communication between cellphones and the Rpi. I typed ‘sudo rfcomm watch hci0’ on the Terminator. The code on Python is simple: only assign the port address (‘/dev/rfcomm0’) and readline(). At first, things went right until I disconnected and reconnected. It said, “Cannot create Rfcomm TTY:

Unable to get PATH to be set for all users

Trying to get OpenJDK 17 installed for Pufferpanel. User pi can do java -version fine however Pufferpanel gets bash: java: command not found My /etc/profile and /etc/profile.d/ have these lines: In addition JAVA_HOME=”/usr/lib/jvm/jdk-17.0.1+12″ is set in /etc/environment Full permissions have been given for and the JAVA_HOME folder with chmod 777. The user pufferpanel now can run the script however

How to include device tree overlay into Raspberry Pi CM4

I would like to include UART3 and UART5 overlay to enable them, using Yocto. They are already delivered with the whole package ( I added to my main image recipe lines: I have also added .bbappend to enable them in /boot/config.txt (file /meta-mylayer/recipes-bsp/bootfiles/rpi-config_%.bbappend): And I receive an error: I suppose that those overlays are not compiled, how can I include

tflite_runtime get Illegal instruction on raspberry pi

after installing tflite_runtime on raspberry pi using the following commands and trying to import tflite .. I got “Illegal instruction” Error screenshot Answer The prebuilt tflite_runtime package set from the above site does not cover armv6 architecture yet. Alternatively, you can choose some other options. (1) Install the TensorFlow pip package. TensorFlow Lite features are a part of TensorFlow package

Can’t hear sound when audio is being played in Pyglet (Raspberry Pi 4B, Raspbian)

I am running the latest version of Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi with Python 2.7 and 3.7 installed. For a project, I need to implement some spatial/binaural audio file playback capabilities in Python, and Pyglet (version 1.5.6) (, seems to be the simplest option with least dependencies. However, I am not being able to hear audio output through the