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Unable to load library ( on jboss server on redhat linux

I am getting the unsatisfied link error when I try to run the web-app. I have created the function which loads the native library stored at “/home/libraryFiles”, using JNA. I have stored all of my files at “/home/libraryFiles”. I have exporting my war file from eclipse in windows and deploying it on the jboss server on redhat linux. This

JBOSS_HOME is not properly being set in Linux, System.getenv from Eclipse returns null

I’ve added JBOSS_HOME both in Linux and Windows. Here is my arquillian.xml”> In windows tests are running fine but in Linux I’m getting following exception: NullPointerException due to jbossHome variable being null in ManagedDeployableContainer Here is the exception trace: Particularly caused by: So, what I’m interpreting is JBOSS_HOME is not being read properly by Arquillian not sure why. When