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Tag: azure

Azure Batch Service: Passing Arguments via Command Line into Application Package on Linux/Ubuntu

Given the following C#/.NET console application running on my Azure Batch Pool/Task: How can I pass the args when adding a command line to my tasks in a Linux/Ubuntu VM. I have tried the following with no success: /bin/sh -c $AZ_BATCH_APP_PACKAGE_Program_1_0/Program -args ‘arg1’ ‘arg2’ /bin/sh -c $AZ_BATCH_APP_PACKAGE_Program_1_0/Program -args ‘arg1’, ‘arg2’ /bin/sh -c $AZ_BATCH_APP_PACKAGE_Program_1_0/Program ‘arg1’ ‘arg2’ /bin/sh -c $AZ_BATCH_APP_PACKAGE_Program_1_0/Program ‘arg1’, ‘arg2’

Azure: Cannot pass or execute a custom data to VM

I want to deploy an Azure Ubuntu 18.04-LTS VM with a custom data file during an automation test, using tmplate.json and parameters.json files. Although, the VM was deployed successfully, It seem that the custom data execution have failed and I do not understand why… According to this link, cloud-init is available in the image that I use. My template.json file

Install Azure CLI on VM using Chef

I am currently writing a script(recipe) with Chef that executes on an Azure (Linux) virtual machine. For my purposes I need to install Azure CLI on that VM. I followed these steps from the documentation. Unfortunately, I get the error that I can’t use “sudo”, and if I remove “sudo” it can’t find “azure-cli”. That part of the recipe looks