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Tag: aws-cli

aws cli describe cluster error using ‘for loop’

I’m having trouble trying to run a for loop with the aws cli command aws eks describe-cluster. I receive the below error on execution. My scripting is not the best. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. If I simply run aws eks list-clusters | grep dev-shark it outputs the below: It seems to be the comma (,) that is

Retrieve secrets from AWS Secrets Manager

I have a bunch of secrets (key/value) pairs stored in AWS Secrets Manager. I tried to parse the secrets using jq as: It retrieves the value stored in .PASSWORD, but the problem is I not only want to retrieve the value stored in key but also want to retrieve the key/value in the following manner: By running the above command

Bash script to install AWS CLI tools

I am writing a bash script that will automatically install and configure AWS CLI tools. I am able to install AWS CLI tools but unable to configure it. My script is something like this: I wish to do the configuration using this script too. I wish that I can provide these credentials via script so that it prevents manual entry.