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Tag: heroku

Missing Python headers (Python.h) on Heroku

I’m trying to deploy to Heroku a Python application which requires some C extensions. The problem is that when I deploy the app to Heroku via git push heroku master I get the following error: From what I understand, I’m missing the Python.h header file, which is required to build my C extension. I’ve already tried apt install python-dev, python-devel,

gunicorn command not found, but it’s in my requirements.txt

I am deploying a Django app on Heroku , which is successfully deploying, but I am getting the following error when I want to view the app on the provided http link. gunicorn is in my requirements.txt file. Here is my requirements.txt file: I also have Pipfile and Pipfile.lock files. Answer I also have Pipfile and Pipfile.lock files That’s your