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Tag: rust

How to use SIGALARM in rust?

I have a problem using alarm from nix library in rust. I am trying to communicate two child process with alarms, the exercise consist in send a signal to child process to other every two seconds, and retun it with pipe. When I run the code it still waiting and I can’t see the message. This is my code: Thanks!!!

Error: “linker ‘cc’ not found” when cross compiling a rust project from windows to linux using cargo

I have a basic rust/cargo project with a single main file and some basic dependencies. The cargo build command works fine when the target is not specified (I am using windows so it builds to windows), but when I try to cross compile the program to linux using cargo build –target=x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu or cargo build –target=x86_64-unknown-linux-musl, the process fails with the

How do I get the filename of an open std::fs::File in Rust?

I have an open std::fs::File, and I want to get it’s filename, e.g. as a PathBuf. How do I do that? The simple solution would be to just save the path used in the call to File::open. Unfortunately, this does not work for me. I am trying to write a program that reads log files, and the program that writes

How to use nix’s ioctl?

I want to call ioctl from Rust. I know that I should use the nix crate, but how exactly? From the documentation it’s not clear. I have this C: How would I do that same thing using the nix crate? There are no TUN* constants in the nix crate and it isn’t clear how to use the ioctl macro. Answer