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Using unbuffered pipe as “dummy” file output

I’ve been dealing with a weird issue that I can’t find a way to solve. My situation is as follows. I have an application in python called “app1”, that requires a file for outputting the results of it’s execution. I have a secondary application, called “app2”; a binary, that gets the input from stdin. I want to pipe what “app1”

Units of tx_queue & rx_queue in /proc/net/tcp

On a Linux 2.6.32, i’m looking at /proc/net/tcp and wondering what is the unit of tx_queue and rx_queue. I can’t find this information about receive-queue and transmit-queue in Nor in man 5 proc which shows only: The “tx_queue” and “rx_queue” are the outgoing and incoming data queue in terms of kernel memory usage. Is it bytes? or number of