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Tag: cmake

CMake Lib in Linux Docker missing dependencies

I use CMake to create the DLL and SO file from my own C++ library, which I then call in my C# code via DLLImport. This has worked so far under Windows and under Linux (Docker). Now the library has been extended, which continues to work on Windows with the DLL. However, under Linux I now get the following error

CMake C++ Project librealsense: undefined reference to OpenGL with CLion

I am trying to integrate librealsense C++ CLion Project on Ubuntu 20.04. Compiling the Librealsense separately in the terminal works just as expected. the Project looks like this: RS_Pipeline . ├── build ├── main.cpp ├── CMakeLists.txt └── librealsense // the integrated lib ├── CMakeLists.txt ├── third-party // libs like GLFW and GLAD which are use in the examples ├── examples

Stringizing / stringify name mangling

I load a path name with cmake and want to use as a string in my C++ program to load some data. For this the stringification operator # is really handy – I use the macro provided in this answer which is the same as here. Now when I have “linux” or “unix” in my path, this goes horribly wrong

will cmake build type RelWithDebInfo strip symbol table?

I was building a shared library using cmake with RelWithDebInfo build type, the output .so file has no symbol table. I inspect the output .so file with readelf -S | grep -i debug with gives me nothing. If I change the build type to Debug, the symbol table is there. I suppose RelWithDebInfo is equivalent to -O2 -g, which

OpenCV 2.4.11 Compilation For ROS ORB_SLAM2 Fails

I am trying to get orb_slam2_ros to compile and it needed an OpenCV version higher than 2.3. I have 4.2.0 but it doesn’t work but according to ROS, it has been tested to work on 2.4.11. Here is what I did: Download the source zip file. Extract it. Go into the directory and create a build folder. Go into the

Why are files not found from parallel folders CMake

To have my .cpp and .h files a little bit sorted up pending on their responsibilitie I decided to put them into seperate folders I used the following structure: root | -CMakeLists.txt [rootCmakeList] src | -main.cpp …….| ……. math …….| …….-CMakeLists.txt[mathCmakeList] …….-Algebra.h …….-Algebra.cpp …….XML[xmlCmakeList] …….| …….-CMakeLists.txt …….-AwesomeXML.h …….-AwesomeXML.cpp The [rootCmakeList] looks: The [mathCmakeList] looks: The [xmlCmakeList] looks: So far so

OpenCV with Python and Java support using cmake command line

I am trying to install latest OpenCV from here: on my Ubuntu 20.04. I need python and java support. I have installed a lot of per-requisites and used this cmake command to configure the build using the command line: The output was this: I see that cmake finds my python 2 and python 3 versions, finds also my java