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why is htop command displaying a black screen [closed]

first I am new on linux, I was trying this windows wsl while following a tutorial, enabled it and downloaded ubuntu… like everything works fine. but when I tried to run htop it is just returning a black frozen screen. I did strace htop 2> strace_log.txt and this is the result but I have no Idea what’s happening can someone please help



It’s a bug caused by an incompatible glibc call involving CLOCK_REALTIME in WSL.


The issue is happening because WSL is currently not POSIX compliant and any call to glibc that uses CLOCK_REALTIME will fail with EINVAL (-1) (such as clock_gettime() or clock_nanosleep()). It is likely that a glibc change has made this to appear (instead of the htop different version).


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