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Simulate Right CTRL key using xdotool inside Virtual box

I’m running Virtualbox in my Windows 10. I have a virtual machine running Raspbian.

Inside Raspbian virtual machine, i’m using xdotool.

From Raspbian, using xdotool, can i simulate to press Right Ctrl that it is my host key in VirtualBox so i can change the size of my VirtualBox-window?.

I mean from Raspbian that it is a virtual machine from VirtualBox, can i execute “Host + A”?. As Host is right CTRL key, i tried this two things but it only execute normal ctrl key inside Raspbian.

xdotool key ctrl+a

and i tried

xdotool key 'Control_R'+a

But it executes inside raspbian a normal ctrl+a and it selects all the files inside a folder.



No, you can’t do it from inside the virtualized environment. You would have to automate that action from outside Raspbian, with an app that runs natively on Windows, such as AutoHotKey. Very similar idea, but scripts are worded a bit differently.

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