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Tag: internationalization

standard function to translate iso-639 codes to language name?

I guess there should be some standard method for this, just to avoid everybody retyping dull constants for their applications. 😉 I am looking for a function (usable in a php web app on linux) that can take two ISO639 language codes and returns the name of the first language in the second language, i.e. foo(“fr”,”de”) should return “französisch” and

Emacs, Linux and international keyboard layouts

Is there an easy way to use Emacs key-bindings when you are using a not-English (Russian) keyboard layout? Whenever an international layout is on, all keystrokes are interpreted literally, M-ф instead of M-a. As a result I can’t use commands. It would also be nice if Linux could interpret non-prefixed and shift-prefixed keys according according to an international layout, while

How to obtain the path of Desktop in gnome

I am using gnome/Ubuntu-10.10 in Chinese language and the desktop path is not “~/Desktop” but “~/XXXX” where XXXX stands for the Chinese translation of “Desktop”. So, how to write code to obtain the proper path of desktop regardless of the system language? I noticed Qt SDK properly added a shortcut on the desktop so I guess there is a way.