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Are there standardised key codes for “answer” and/or “hangup” like a multimedia keyboard might have?

I’m messing about, writing some code that simulates keyboard/input device events to automate various things under linux. I’ve been using /usr/include/linux/input-event-codes.h as a bit of a reference for what key-codes are available. Within that header, it mentions that some of the content is based on a USB standard: I assume it’s referring to an old version of this HID User

How to debug USB HID scancode-keycode translation in Linux

I have recently converted a 122-key terminal keyboard to USB as a configfs USB gadget (the keyboard portion is using HID codes), it works quite well in except that I cannot seem to get my Archlinux installation to recognize certain HID codes (specifically at the moment F13-F24) and translate them into event codes that I can use in X. HID