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Xinetd server connection refused

I’m using xinetd on Fedora. I put a file called telnet inside the etc/xinetd.d folder with the following content: I know xinetd is running because when I do service xinetd status it says active (running). When I do netstat -nltp nothing seems to be running on port 23 and ‘telnet localhost’ returns connection refused. Any ideas? Answer Did you add

Fedora 28 / GLIBC 2.27 logf() and powf() c++

As I am sure other Fedora 28 users will know, the OS’s glibc was recently updated to glibc 2.27. Amongst many other things, 2.27 has added new implementations of logf() and powf(). This has caused my application to fail to run on distributions with an older glibc (Debian, for example). When the application is invoked on Debian, the following error

Unable to yum install in fedora even as root user

Getting the error Error: This command has to be run under the root user. when I try to install in Fedora as root user. Tried in different ways: Is there any security setting that is causing this? I am trying all of the above commands by remotely sshing to the machine. Answer Your root user seems to be corrupted. If

Unity 2-D installation for Linux-RedHat Fedora

I have been trying recently to install Unity 2D on my Fedora OS. However, I could not find a unity rpm package, I found many for Debian. Unity website mainly supports Mac OS and Windows. I have run through many solutions, but none of them worked, either because they are made for an old version of Fedora or they are

crontab (cronie), run certain days of the month

I want to make a crontab entry which will run on every weekday except the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of each month. Here’s what I have: I thought that this had the following meaning: That is what I read in the crontab(5) manual page. However, I can see that the job ran at 08:45 today, Monday 2nd October. I am

How to enable unicode for Python on Fedora?

I am trying to compile MGTAXA on Fedora 23, but I get this error about python needs to be 2.2 or higher (2.7.10 is installed) and that unicode needs to be enabled. Question Can anyone tell me, what I need to do to enable unicode for Python in Fedora 23 and how to make it see that Python is at

how to customize select loop in bash

I was wondering if is possible customize the select loop for bash. I have this code: Output is something like this: I would like to order the options in landscape view and also change the prompt [#?] by something else Thanks Answer select displays the PS3 prompt. You could try something like: