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Tag: command

How to sort files by word count in linux?

I have to sort files in current directory based on word count by using command wc and pipe | necessarily. What command do I have to use? I thought I had to use a command sort | wc -w, but I failed. Answer I think this can help. The ls -1 will list all files of the current directory, and

grep all .js urls from text file

There is a File a.txt I want to grep all .js extension URLs so I tried this but it not showing https://site.tld/b.js?query=1 And when I tried this, It also select js name from anywhere Thanks in advance Answer Just escape the . with a

How to log every single command executed from shell script

I am trying to find a way to record every single command that is executed by any user on the system. Things that I have came across earlier. It is possible to view shell commands executed from the terminal using ~/.bashrc_history file. There is a catch here, It logs only those commands which were executed interactively from bash shell/terminal. This

Failed to open /dev/mem: Permission denied

Today, I tried to use this command on my raspberry Pi: But I got this error message : I’ve tried to place “sudo” before the command but I got the same error. How can I resolve this please ? (and sorry if I did a mistake, I started playing with my raspberry today and this is also my first question