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Tag: command-line-interface

How could I write an egrep command that will find all entries that have least 5 consecutive vowels (aeiou) in them upper or lower case?

I’m looking for an answer that doesnt include -i option to get both upper and lowercase. Specifically just how to make the regular expression itself output such a string. I also do not want it to return any other strings outside of the consecutive “aeiou”. For example I want to see: aeiou AEIOU AeIou daeiou aeioud etc. I do not

How to extract testNG results in Jenkins console using Linux command

I’m trying to extract the user who is triggered the Jenkins job and testNG execution status from Jenkins console. Need to get below details from Jenkins console using Linux command. Jenkins console log: Started by user achuMohan =============================================== TransferMoneyTest Tests run: 10, Pass: 5 Failures: 3, Skips: 2 =============================================== Output: I tried the below command to get all the console

Can ethtool provide the current incoming bitrate on a NIC

Is there an option in linux’s ethtool command that retrieves the current incoming bitrate or packets-per-second straight from the NIC? Answer Not per packets-per-second, but overall RX/TX. You could write a script around it: ethtool -S <interface> For example currently on my wifi nice: The same information could be extracted from: /sys/class/net//statistics/rx_packets: number of packets received /sys/class/net//statistics/tx_packets: number of packets

How to use git namespace to hide branches

Background I’m working with a large team using git for version control. The normal flow is: People selecting a ticket from the “backlog queue”. Working on the issue via a local branch (i.e. git checkout -b my_feature_branch). Making several commits as they go (i.e. git commit). Pushing local changes to a remote branch in order to “backup” their work so