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Git push asks username & password for HTTP repo origin

I am working on a project of mine and I got the codes uploaded in github. I started working in this project from Win10 os and currently I’m working in Arch linux. In windows it didn’t use to ask me for any password but it does now. I’ve never pushed from my linux before. Today when I tried to push

Can’t commit and push to github repository

Screenshot Hi, I’m trying to commit and push my work onto github. However, I can’t. Seems like it’s saying some of the files i’m trying to push are too large. But that’s why I specified the .csv and .pt files in .gitignore. I am not sure why .gitignore is not working as it should. Any help will be very much

Shared library versioning with cmake on github

I have a fairly new project on github that produces a shared library. Going forward, I would like to use semantic versioning (as described at for the shared library major/minor/patch numbers in the file name. The project uses CMake. The CMakeLists.txt file refers to CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_MAJOR, CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_MINOR and CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_PATCH, and sets these to default values if they are not passed

How can I push only the files in current index?

I have many large binary files with source code under git version control. I want to only push the source files to github for repo initialization. So I used git rm -r –cached to remove the large binary files from the index. After checking git ls-tree -r –names-only mybranch, I confirmed there are only text source files in the index.

How to use git namespace to hide branches

Background I’m working with a large team using git for version control. The normal flow is: People selecting a ticket from the “backlog queue”. Working on the issue via a local branch (i.e. git checkout -b my_feature_branch). Making several commits as they go (i.e. git commit). Pushing local changes to a remote branch in order to “backup” their work so

Error When trying to push ssh keys into github from bash script

I am working on a script that creates ssh keys and puts them into github using bash. I am running into this error when running this function.. I want a way to generate ssh keys and put them into github from terminal within my script. Error: { “message”: “Bad credentials”, “documentation_url”: “” } Answer You are putting too many quotes

Switch user from bitbucket to github

I work for a team that stores its repositories on Bitbucket, so I have an account there. Now I’m starting to work simultaneously for another team that stores its repositories on GitHub. I have a couple of questions: Since on both Bitbucket and GitHub they use Git to manage their repository, can I use the old account from Bitbucket on